yt the photographer
yt the photographer

[ About the author ]

Hi, I’m Yusuke (a.k.a ‘yt’). Thanks for visiting my blog. I have traveled to many places and met many interesting people. New places often welcome me with new inspirations and give me positive energy. I am a traveller, not a tourist. Tourists are the people who move around by a large comfortable bus, staying in a comfortable large hotel, and swim in the pool and drink at hotel bars; travellers walk around the unknown streets, ever so curious to find out what’s beyond the next corner, what people are eating at street corner hawker stand and what makes the local people happy. When I visit a new place, I look at a map and walk. Along the way, I come across something that looks interesting, so I turn the corner, and yet another corner, and often back a couple of blocks back, but experience so much of local life. Sometimes I am the only ‘outsider’ or foreigner eating at the small restaurant where nobody speaks English. I love that experience and I love learning about their culture.

[About this blog]

“Leave nothing but footprints” I think is an expression often used when they talk about how you visit national parks. You bring all the things you need, and take home all the rubbish, not destroying the nature and its beauty, so that it can be preserved in its state for other people and future generations. I think travelling is similar. You do not expect to go to somebody’s house and eat and bathe exactly the way you would do at your own home; as a visitor, you humbly follow the way they do things. When we visit another country or town away from home, we are stepping into their beautiful home.  So I am always grateful for their kindness when they smile back to me, allow me to take a picture of what they are doing, and just simply allowing me to visit their beautiful home.

In this blog I would like to share with you some stories from my journeys, some images that capture inspiration along the way, and, most of all, hear your comments, questions or discussions about them. So, please, don’t be shy! Just go on clicking them ‘comments’ links. I’d love to hear from you.

As for photos in the blog, please click and view it in detail. If you happen to like any of my photographs and would like to use them for your website or want prints, please post a reply here with your contact detail.

Some enhancements to the blog are up in the pipeline. I would like to add various plug-in which will enable me to use cool controls so you can view high quality images more easily, and also add bilingual text feature (for my friends and family in Japan). That will probably mean that the URL/domain will be changed as I will need to rent a hosting.

– Yusuke


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