​It has been a half year that went very quickly. After accepting the Melbourne-based job, the move was quickly booked, a couple of short trips in Japan, then the months flew by while getting things done at work.

Then, all of a sudden, year-end holiday period was upon us. And, I had no idea where I wanted to go. I played with the idea of visiting London. But if I should go all the way to Europe, I would want to have cover Portugal, maybe even go see Belgium where my cousin’s family live. Plus, there was the consideration of the cost. A$3,000 on flight alone. Food and ground spending would not be low. And there would be little to see after Christmas eve… No, Europe can wait.

Going to Tasmania? Last tme I went was just after the Port Arthur incident. A lot would have changed now. But it is just a short hop away, and I  ould make the trip using a shorter break. Why go in summer? Spring and autumn are when the nature put on the best show. Or even the winter… 

Relaxing in Chiang Mai temples is a tempting thought. Any of the novices or monks I photographed 3 years still at that unique temple? How are people living the unusual year-end festivities after the loss of the father of the nation, the beloved King? 

As I type this, I am approaching pre-dawn Bangkok. But I have another ticket to fly. I had planned to go somewhere else, but just hours before leaving home, I booked the flight and accommodation for tonight. I thought about going to this country before. But I opted for different destinations back then. In a way, it is a bit like unfinished business.