After missing the wedding of my friend, I was off to Sydney to work from the office there for the week. So on the Sunday afternoon, I was already missing the vibe of Melbourne.


Flying above the blanket of white stuff, suddenly I was already there.


Next morning, I stopped by at the familiar coffee shop around the corner in Surry Hills and had a beautifully laid-out breakfast. One thing I am disappointed by Tokyo is the lack of high quality breakfast, and definitely absence of high quality coffee. Spending almost a year away from Melbourne for the first time in years, I realise how good the coffee culture in Melbourne really is. Sydney is not as good, to be honest, but compared to Tokyo, sure, it is a heaven to work in.

Unfortunately I spent too much time in the office for my own good, and had very little time to take in the beauty of the city by the bay. On the last evening, though, I left office not long after everyone in the team did, and was focusing on my visual senses in the drizzle.




Near my hostel, I found this very nice looking cozy restaurant. I sat down for a dinner for one, observing how this guy is working on the sexy girl at their table, and the more aged couple at another table enjoying their meal, discussing with them what to order for desert. The girl behind the counter working on antipasto allowed me to photograph her at her serious craft-making.

And all too soon, I was on the runway again…
view from flight

view from flight

view from flight

view from flight

view from flight

view from flight

view from flight

After the soul searching morning walk on the beach, it was time to go back to the reality.

Gold Coast