The Imperial Tokyo

Train passing over the bridge at high speed. Another one. Yet another! What a busy bridge. Slowly my eyes open. The soft reflected light along the wall is overwhelmed by the brightness of the light at the edge of the window. It is morning already. It is the Imperial Hotel Tokyo… outside the window of my regular hotel in Tokyo. Amazing bed here. As soon as I lay down was I fast asleep, and not once I woke in the night. I honestly would like to take home their bed and pillow here. Small room, it may be, but great sleep you’ll get. Try Remm Hibiya, only one stop away from JR Tokyo central station.

Remm Hibiya
1-2-1Yuraku-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0006
TEL +81-3-3507-0606

I book through – here is the info on this hotel. The photos look way too more spacious than real. But it is always a VERY clean hotel. Great food down in deli operated by MUJI.