The announce comes on in English, “wireless internet service is available on this train between Shin-Osaka and Tokyo”. They neglect to provide important detail, which is mentioned in the Japanese announcement, that this is not a ‘free public wifi’ but network available only to the subscribers of mobile networks. It surprises me how few open connections are available to visitors to this country, the place everyone outside assumes is so high-tech and connected. Connected it’s true but not egalitarian.


View flies past outside the aircraft-small window at 200km/h plus. I will have completed my journey of 500km in 2 and a half hours, with a few stops along the way.

Another announcement by the male conductor, “the train had just passed Odawara on schedule, and in a little over 10 minutes, pardon me, a little over FOURTEEN minutes, we will be arriving at Shin-Yokohama…” A little over 10 is not precise enough to talk about about 15 minutes, when we are on a long distance trans-national train service? Relax, guys. It is Sunday morning.