Hi. I’m out and about today. I have no concrete plans so I cannot tell you when and where you can grab me. But If you are offering me something free, like: free meal, free ride to beautiful place, or a great vantage point for the Li Peng fesival without getting drenched in thunderstorm, here’s how you may reach me:

1. Try looking for black t-shirt and white long pants with brown messenger bag near the moat or Ping River.

2. Find Toi at Wat Bupparam (picture below). He knows where I am (see how confident he is!), or if he had no idea where I am (which is more likely) ask him to pass on a message.

3. Failing both, try again tomorrow.

Wat Bupparam, Chiang Mai

Thank you. Hope to see you soon.

-YT, the photographer