Departure date. Handed over my work to others, I walked out of office while the sun was up. I had forgotten how beautiful it is at this time of the day… Nah, I’m just kidding! It was only recent weeks I was under a very big work load and I was putting in double shift and stuff… but no, that’s behind me now. I’m gonna be in the street noise and fume of passing cars and motorcycle and tuk tuk and buses and all that thick humid air of south-east Asia. It’s one of those things – you get so used to travelling, you start packing very late (it was not yet packed even today!), you don’t get as excited about the whole travel thing… only when I find myself standing in the flow of that energy that you don’t get very often in Melbourne, will I really realise – ah, yes, I’m now on the road.

Just defrosted something I cooked on the weekend as I type this on iPhone. My ADSL had hit the quota yesterday and capped to crawling speed. So I’m using the WordPress app on iPhone – struggling to type in that small on-screen keyboard on iPhone. Then I realised! The bluetooth keyboard that is sitting on table right in front of me was able to connect to 3 different devices of Apple/Mac kind. How could I forget??? Now I’m typing this so quickly I’m even smiling as the letters show up at the speed of my train of thought!


I hate it when the girl you thought you’d liked but finally got out of your mind show you a smile suddenly. Melbourne does that to me some times. For some reason, it seems to me that it is always when I am about to go off to another city that Melbourne shows its prettier side of the already quite an attractive face. Oh well, that was that. She’s just making sure she’s got one toe on my tail (I’m a cat… cat person), ‘You will come back, my boy, because you know I got you.’ Well, you win honey. But that’s 5 weeks away. You’ll be all dressed up for the festivity. Today walking along Swanston Street in the centre of the city did I only see the red Christmas post box that gave me a hint of the Christmas approaching. But when I come back, yeah, I know. You won’t be as tacky as SIngapore with all the coloured lights. No, you have a bit more of the matured grace about the way you pull it off. But dress up still you do. So I’ll leave you to the dressing room, while I go walking on a diet tour… Good light local food, maybe some chilli that don’t agree with my stomach here and there, and more walk, 10km, 15km on some days, with my right hand on that camera. Then I come back lean, sexy and beard that I just shaved possibly over-growing… but let’s see if we’ll fall again, in each other’s embrace.

TIll then, be good, Mel.