According to the weather site, it is zero degree Celsius outside my window now. The monk at the nearby temple just hit the bell to tell the town it is 6am. These days the houses have thick windows. I wonder how many people can actually hear it. The light of day is still far away, the chill of the cold air hover about my knees.

Suitcase is neartly packed and ready to be zipped close. Crupler is waiting for the MacBook to slide in. The rest is pretty much done. 1.5 hr journey to the land-fill airport in the bay. The departure time has been brought forward by 10 minutes to 9:20.

I didn’t see much of Osaka at all this time around. But it was never the objective, that is true. I did not get to do any souvenir shopping, and I did not go to the textile warehouse store to buy a new thermos water bottle on wholesale price. But what’s the point in rushing huh. There is always the next trip, and home is always there. Let’s see where I can make a stop-over on my way home next time… Maybe Thailand would be nice, with its temples and smiling people… or perhaps the same ole Singapore to catch up with friends in their stylish cafes and Martini bars…

Anyhow, that is it for Japan this time. I decided to ignore the high hotel rates in Hong Kong and booked a room on Lantau Island. I’ll be walking about the big Buddha and the fishing village. I hope they still have some traditional integrity there, not just all cosmetics for tourism. But we’ll see. I was almost wishing I booked a ticket whose dates can be modified but this time I didn’t so I’m stuck. But now that the accommodation is booked and paid for, all I have to do is to focus on making the best of it. Maybe I’ll meet some interesting people. Maybe I’ll come out with great photographs. It is a bit warmer there, about 10 degrees above Osaka. Then on Sunday, I’ll be back ‘home’ in Melbourne, with high 30s, VERY hot summer days dotted across the weekly weather forecast. Back to summer, back to work.