Back in the heat on Australia Day, trying to fight the cold and dry throat, the crisp morning chill seems like a distant memory. But it was only 2 weeks ago (I was in Japan last week). There, I met those lovely creatures. It’s been ages since I last lived with cats, but I really enjoyed their company during my stay in the cozy house in a small country town.

I was told, however, that the little Yaya has been missing for the last couple of days. He is a boy, so it could be one of those outings, but it is pretty cold out there at night… I hope he is just caught in some family with children who don’t want him to ‘go home’… Or maybe he found a nice old rug in the shed somewhere and enjoying it all day.

Yaya should be old enough but still looks for the mother’s milk everytime he finds himself on somebody’s soft jumper. I had only one fleece jumper, but that turned white (originally black) by the time I put that into a washing machine in Osaka. Mum who saw it hanging on the line thought I rolled around on a while rug 🙂


Pacha – the big guy, who is ‘staying’ at Martine’s for a while (until the owner comes back from a trip or something like that? can’t remember…). He is huge and heavy, definitely over-weight, but he is such a spoiled boy. He insists on jumping onto your lap whenever you are sitting at the kitchen table or couch. When he was refused that comfort, he gets upset and jumps onto the top of the shelf where he can look down on all that’s happening in the world below.


Charlotte – the only girl among the three, and she does behave a young girl. She is not seeking attention or is she snobbish. She just sits there, and let the young boy stroke her soft fur down. She’s happy to sleep in the boy’s bed at night.

Charlotte et Yaya

Charlotte is still young and plays along when Yaya gets excited and starts to run around. Pacha screams back at him, but I don’t know who is stronger now. Surely Yaya is much smaller, but maybe Pacha is too slow.

Charlotte et Yaya

I grew up with cats around pretty much all my life, until I started to live on my own. My grandma loved cats, and so did my mum. At one time, when I was a kid, we had a cat that brought 4 kittens, then 3 more, making it 8 cats in the house, when we also had a puppy in the house. That was so much fun to watch them play and fight all day.

I can hardly wait till the day I start living with the love of my life…

Les trois chats

Oh, on this year-end journey, I also visited the only cat that is left at my parents’ house. She is not related to that 8 cats we had years before, but her mother started the delivery on my lap while I was watching ‘True Lies’ at loud volume on TV one afternoon. So I had the warm water ready in bucket, towels, string and scissors, and I picked up one by one, as the mother cat ‘Noir’ pushed them out and just left them there. I washed them, took them out of the ‘bag’ and after wiping put them back to the mother’s side. They all grew up but only this one is still around. I’ll have to find someone who has a film scanner, so I can scan all the photos of her and her brothers born on the couch I was sitting on that day.