Well, it’s been good, but it’s that time again. Boarding call. There are still things I want to write about, like my experience of using EuRail Pass, how French trains always seem to delay, how superb TGV experience is and how I would do this again over any cheap LCC flights and things I may have ahead of me, like a sequel…

But for today, it is time to check in that soft Samsonite case again, and I’ll be flying. It is another long one, well, nothing compared to the Christmas, 2-day flights + trains. Osaka – Tokyo – Sydney – Melbourne and fall into the nicely air-conditioned car of my friend’s under the hot Melbourne summer sun. Back to reality, back to work.


I wonder what kind of people I’ll meet on those long flights. What interesting character would sit next to me this time? I’ll sit myself in my favourite aisle seat up front of economy class and have my fingers crossed. Will Japan Airlines change my mind about their service? Stop being so rigid Japanese and provide genuine friendly service, maybe? How about the food? I packed myself with 2 serves of my mum’s curry rice (yummy!) so I won’t be very hungry till dinner. Well, will their in-flight food bring about more appetite on the dry, long night flight?


It has been an interesting trip. It was definitely rewarding for me, personally. I found something very important. And that is something I did not expect or plan for.