Yes, I realise what I’d done. I left the last ‘series’ as unfinished business. Well, to be precise, it was more like a project that never took off. Although I had all the good intention of coming up with another worth-reading travel journal with lots of beautiful photography (taken by none other than myself!). But what happened is that it was a trip to catch up with people who are close to my heart, almost like family to me, and what is normally a pretty internal experience, travelling is, became more external, open communication and connection, not really putting me in the space where I sit in some station or cafe and reflect.

Anyhow, enough excuses. I apologise if any of you came to my blog following some smart search engine saying there is this guy writing about a train trip into Guangzhou from Hong Kong airport. Sorry I didn’t really give you much useful information, sorry this was not a place of lots of useful links. And sorry, again, that I did not get into all the stuff about the central country and how they use nice fencing and face-lift (in literal meaning of the words, almost) on the facade of apartments to make it look the international standard during the period of international exposure while it hosted the Asian Games (or was it something else, I don’t really know…) I am sure there are other people who took lots of pictures of the big athelete photos on the side of some of tallest building towers in town, whose external finish was not completed in time behind that pretty impressive picture. I am sure, there are others who took photos of the slam behind the 2-metre high fence, the maze of the paths in that area, and even having a small lake in there. I imagined sitting in a balcony a few levels up from that smooth surface of water, and feel the breeze on a hot summer afternoon… though it was on a pretty cold day and I was behind a thick window inside an air-conditioned condo at thirty-something floor my friends lived in at the time. But in case you enjoy my photography and would like to see what I am talking about, I did write a bit and posted some photos on my photography blog. Well, that took priority at that time, hence the neglect of this blog. Again, my sincere apologies. Maybe, someday, I’ll go to that city again, and finish what I had started. Maybe I can tell you more about the wet market, the ethnic mix with those workers moving in from Urumqi, and some controversial contents that the government of the central country would do everything they can to shut down, or at least, add to the list of blocked contents on their big proxy server, or their tool of censorship…

No, I wouldn’t do that. I am the last guy to be controversial!

So, here I go again. I’m at the airport departure terminal. The taxi picked me up at 4am, go here well in time, dropped the bag for international check in, though I’m taking a domestic flight to Sydney. I love being able to check in my bag to the destination… why bother with stupid LCC (low-cost carrier) which always cancels your seat, change to another flight without asking, and do not forward your luggage to your next flight. Really, is the saving worth it? Stuck in tighter-than-usual seating pitch of well-worn old aircraft, and penny-pinching fellow passenger who makes your travel feel… less special. No, not me, not this time.

Well, the boarding call. It looked slightly foggy but I can see kilometres away on the runway from here. It should be a smooth take off. Well then, here it starts now. Please do comment, send me direct message, do whatever you do, but let me know you are reading (well, I know that YOU are here, thanks to the web WordPress tool that tells me how many people viewed the pages, but I do love to hear from you… and if I know you are out there, checking me out, perhaps wishing you were on this trip with me, or laughing at my poorly organised trip (which this one may turn out to be), then send me some love… give me encouragement. I’ll take every opportunity to write, and ignore the heavy Lonely Planet guidebook waiting inside my heavy backpack waiting to be more useful than adding to my weight-loss training.