With the announcement of successor to the nation’s leader came the mess. North Korea was feared to take this path, and it did. South Korea and US are about to take the responsive action that was expected of them – a joint military exercise. So both have so far done nothing more than what analysts predicted as likely to happen. And what’s next? Will this just bring about refreshed sense of stability? Or will there be anything tricky? Whatever they do, it was not the best time. I need the insurance company and Department of Foreign Affairs to be comfortable with what’s going on there, or I will be traveling in what would be classified equivalent of war zone, where no travel insurance is available. I trip on a crack on the road and trip, get myself a cut and there is no insurance to pay for the visit to doctor. That’s not good.

My guidebook is about to arrive from the online bookshop soon, but will it be wasted this time? Hmm… Is anyone traveling in South Korea now? What is the situation like on the ground, really? TV only shows the front line and protest, but that really does not show you anything. If you are with the foreign relations agencies, what is your take?

With less than a week before my flight out of Australia to Japan, I am filled with anticipation.