summer crowd

It is getting pretty hot in Melbourne where I live. The summer is here. Melbourne is known for its changing weather and while it has been over 30 degrees for the last couple of days, we are expecting a few days of pretty heavy rain and then next week may be much cooler. Such is the way things are here.

Still, I find those hot days a bit difficult to deal with. I carry my camera, water bottle, notebook, paperback and a few other stuff in my Crumpler messenger bag, but the sweat across the shoulder strap is making my skin a bit irritated. Not much better on my face. I guess I am not made to handle the sweaty season very well.

So, it is a natural decision that I am going to the colder part of the world during the summer here. I will be off to Japan to spend some time with my family, for the first time in a year, and then hopefully I’ll hop across to a neighbouring coutry or two.

If I come across any experience worth sharing, I’ll be sure to post on this blog. It is really about time I posted a new article around here…