Ray from between the buildings
Melbourne skyline

Thank you for visiting my blog. Seeing the visitor count graph, I can see some of you have regularly come here, only to be disappointed by the lack of updates during the past week or so. I am so sorry… As some of you know, I moved from Singapore to Melbourne, my home-away-from-home a week ago. I am still staying at friends’ place and do not have a regular internet connection. Once I got the job confirmed, then found a cozy home and a nice wooden desk to put my macbook in the afternoon sun, I will resume our journey through Laos. The most interesting bits from that trip was in my main destination, Luang Prabang, and I need to tell you all about it, together with tons of pictures. But for now, I am back in Melbourne and I am, as ever, looking forward to your comments about the journey and photographs.

Some of Melbourne photos (it is not really ‘journey’ so may not be suitable to put it here) are on Picasa. Please do comment on them, too!